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"The main sources of appeal of economic and business history for me are the interdisciplinary and comparative nature of these fields. They are also more theoretical than history in general, which I find interesting."

Dr. Jari Eloranta received his MA from the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, in Finnish and World History in 1995 (and in 1996 in Economic History). Dr. Eloranta earned his Ph.D. in History from the European University Institute, Department of History and Civilization, in Florence, Italy in 2002. His main areas of study are: the history of military spending; the cost and impact of conflicts in history; the history of state formation and welfare states; economic history and development of the Nordic countries; Finnish economic history; business history as a discipline; and small countries in world trade in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

When not teaching and conducting research, Dr. Eloranta can be found playing the guitar in several local bands, each playing live occasionally.


Ph.D. European University Institute

Areas of Study

European History, World History, Business and Economic History

Selected Courses

HIS 5106 European Imperialism

Selected Topics Financing Wars

Selected Publications


Comparing Japanese and Finnish Economies and Societies – Longitudinal Perspectives, ed. by Toshiaki Tamaki, Jari Ojala, Yasushi Tanaka, and Jari Eloranta. Routledge: London (2015). (with Jari Ojala, Yasushi Tanaka, and Toshiaki Tamaki)

The Road to Prosperity – An Economic History of Finland, Ojala, Jari, Jari Eloranta & Jukka Jalava (eds.). Helsinki: SKS (2006).


'Why Did the Communists Win or Lose? A Comparative Analysis of the Revolutionary Civil Wars in Russia, Finland, Spain, and China" Sociological Forum 29:2, 318-341, June (2014). (with Pavel Osinsky)

'Democratization and Central Government Spending, 1870–1938: Emergence of the Leviathan?' in Christopher Hanes, Susan Wolcott (ed.) Research in Economic History (Research in Economic History, Volume 30), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 1-46 (2014). (with Svetlozar Andreev and Pavel Osinsky)

'Desertions in Nineteenth-Century Shipping: Modelling Quit Behaviour' European Review of Economic History, 17:1, 122-40 (2013). (with Jari Ojala & Jaakko Pehkonen)

'Quantitative Methods in Business History: An Impossible Equation?' Management & Organizational History, 5:1, 79-107 (2010). (with Jari Ojala and Heli Valtonen)


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