Jessica Cottle

Job Title

Justice, Equality, Community Project Archivist (Davidson College Archives & Special Collections)

Job Description

My position centers on increasing the accessibility of archival materials to inspire transdisciplinary coursework in the humanities, promoting avenues for increased original student research, and developing reciprocal relationships with community partners – all in support of increased dialogue around issues of justice, equality, and community in the curriculum and with the public.

Favorite thing about your job

No day is ever the same. I collaborate with students, faculty, staff, and community members around interdisciplinary projects, which means each day I have the privilege of learning something new.

Favorite thing about your experience in our MA program

Post-graduation, I have really come to appreciate the way our classes blended hands-on learning and course readings. This combination is really unique to Appalachian’s program and gave me the space to think creatively and critically about Public History principles. It has also provided me with a great model for thinking about equitable community-based learning projects at Davidson.

Any advice for future students

Apply for multiple internships! The diverse experience you can gain from varied internships, no matter how short the duration, is invaluable – not only in terms of building skills and learning from more seasoned professionals, but also in terms of expanding your knowledge of the local community.