Craig Caldwell

Craig H. Caldwell III is a historian of the ancient Mediterranean world. He earned a BA summa cum laude in history from Furman University and then received his MA and PhD in history from Princeton University. Dr. Caldwell teaches courses in the history of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome, and his regular course offerings include Introduction to the Ancient Mediterranean World, Classical Greece and the Hellenistic World, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire.

Dr. Caldwell's research specialty is late antiquity (AD 180–700), the pivotal historical period that witnessed the transformation of the Roman Empire into medieval Europe, the Byzantine Empire, and the Islamic Caliphate. His professional interests include ancient and medieval numismatics (the study of coinage), military history, and European law and legal history. He authored a chapter on "The Balkans" in the Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity (2012) and a chapter on the Persian capture of the Roman emperor Valerian in the forthcoming Brill's Companion to Loss and Defeat in the Ancient World. His current book manuscript uses civil wars to explore the transformation of the later Roman Empire in the Danubian-Balkan region.


Ph.D. Princeton University

Areas of Study

Ancient History, European History, Late Antiquity

Selected Courses

HIS 3122 Classical Greece and the Hellenistic World

HIS 3124 Fall of the Roman Republic

HIS 3125 Rise of the Roman Empire

HIS 2312 Introduction to the Ancient Mediterranean World

Selected Awards and Recognitions

Wayne D. Duncan Faculty Enrichment and Teaching Fellowship, in recognition of innovative and successful teaching in the General Education program.

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of History

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