Jeremiah Kitunda

"The "Fate of empire depends upon the education of its youth." I teach solely to empower students with knowledge of Environmental and Cultural history of Africa and how that knowledge applies or connects to their specific cultures, nations, and community situations."

Dr. Jeremiah Kitunda earned his Ph.D in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an M.A. from Miami University (Ohio), and a B.A. in History and Sociology from the University of Nairobi (Kenya). He primarily teaches courses detailing the History of Africa with a specific focus on Environmental History and Cultural History. Dr. Kitunda is a self-described "public laugher" and enjoys participating in marathons when time allows.


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Areas of Study

African History, African American and Africana Studies, Environmental History, African Environmental History

Selected Courses

HIS 3338 African Environmental History from Antiquity to 1500

HIS 3339 African Environmental History since 1500

Selected Publications


The Effect of Child Labor in Africa on the Cell Phone Industry," In: International Journal of Information Systems and Change Management, Volume 6 Issue 2 (December 2012): 147-159.

"Knowing What Hemingway Knew: Hemingway's Reading in Natural History, Hunting, Fishing, and Africa." In Hemingway and Africa edited by Miriam B. Mandel, Camden House Press, 2011.

"Love is a Dunghill and I'm the Cock that gets on it to Crow: Ernest Hemingway's Farcical Adoration of Africa," in Hemingway and Africa edited by Miriam B. Mandel, Camden House Press, 2011.

Books (On-going)

The Flower of Life, The Flower of Death: A History of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes (Mart.) Solms) in Africa Since 1800 (Under contract Lexington Books).

The Wit and Wisdom of Akamba: A Collection of East African Proverbs.

Akamba Migrations towards the Diaspora and the Search for Longevity in East Africa since the 1480s

Title: Assistant Professor, History Club Advisor
Department: Department of History

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