Layne McDaniel

Ph.D. Emory University
Anne Belk Hall 234B
Full-Time Faculty

“I grew up in the South and experienced its powerful negative historical legacies. I wanted to understand them and my context within them. I teach because history is more than a collection of names and dates, it is a disciplined approach to critical thinking. Critical thinking skills are crucial.”

Dr. Layne McDaniel earned her M.A. and Ph.D from Emory University with a focus in Southern History and Women’s Studies. Within these areas, Dr. McDaniel specifically specializes in the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries, Education, Gender, and Intellectual and Social History. She is currently writing a book about the intersection of race, class, gender, and disability in 1960s-1990s South Carolina. Dr. McDaniel is also an accomplished art quilter/ designer, editorial consultant, and Scrabble fiend.

Selected Courses:

HIS 2201  Survey of American Civilization to 1876

HIS 2004  Survey of American Civilization since 1876

Feminist Theory

UCO 1200 What If Harry Potter’s Real

UCO 1200 Steampunk Civilizations

UCO 1200 Where Did You Get that Tee Shirt?

UCO 1200 How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci