Sheila R. Phipps

"My hope is that there will be no need for a separate study of women in history at some point because the people I teach will automatically look for women's participation in the past and wonder why they are not there if they are missing. I am also determined, especially in my Writing History course and upper level courses, to treat my students as professionals who share my enthusiasm for my research as I share in theirs."

Dr. Sheila Phipps completed her Ph.D. in History at the College of William & Mary in 1998. She primarily studies issues pertaining to women, gender, colonial and nineteenth-century America, and the Civil War. In addition to teaching, Dr. Phipps acted as the Undergraduate Advising Coordinator between 2011-2015.


Ph.D. College of William and Mary

Areas of Study

United States History, Women's/Gender History, U.S. Colonial and Early Republican History

Selected Courses

HIS 3424 American Women & Law

HIS 3222 History of Colonial America

HIS 3510 Women and the Civil War (Junior Honors Seminar)

HIS 2800 Writing History: Good Wives, Wenches, and Witches

HIS 2800 Writing History: "Appreciate All the Little Curses": Cross-Gender Labor during the American Civil War

Selected Publications


"'Appreciate All the Little Curses': Crossing the Boundaries of Gendered Labor."

A book-length study that compares and contrasts the efforts of both men and women during the Civil War to take on tasks normally assigned to the opposite sex.

Published Works

"Rose O'Neal Greenhow: 'Bearer of Dispatches to the Confederate Government,'" in Michele Gillespie and Sally McMillen, eds., North Carolina Women: Their Lives and Times, Vol. I. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2014, 73-93.

Co-Editor (with Jonathan Wells, Temple University), Entering the Fray: Gender, Culture, and Politics in the New South, University of Missouri Press, 2010.

Editor, Migration and Settlement Section, Encyclopedia of Appalachia, University of Tennessee Press, 2006.

Genteel Rebel: The Life of Mary Greenhow Lee, Louisiana State University Press Fall/Winter, 2004.


Curriculum Vitae

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of History

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