Timothy H. Silver


Ph.D. College of William and Mary

Areas of Study

Environmental History of North America, with emphasis on the South and Southern Appalachia; History of America's National and State Parks; Ethnohistory of Early America

Selected Courses

History 3531/4100/5206 Environmental History of North America

History 5002/3530 National Parks and American History

History 3222 Colonial and Revolutionary America

Recent Publications and Awards

Mount Mitchell and the Black Mountains book cover"Mount Mitchell and the Black Mountains: An Environmental History of the Highest Peaks in Eastern America" (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2003)

Mount Mitchell and the Black Mountains has won the following awards:

"A New Face on the Countryside: Indians, Colonists and Slaves in South Atlantic Forests, 1500-1800" (Cambridge University Press,

"A Useful Arcadia: European Colonists as a Biotic Factor in Chesapeake Forests," in Philip D. Curtin, Grace Brush, and George Fischer, eds., The Chesapeake: The History of a Watershed (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001).

"Big Tom Wilson," Wildlife in North Carolina, November, 1997.

"New Faces in an Old World," in Peter Nabakov, ed., Through Indian Eyes: The Untold Story of Native American People (New York: Reader's Digest General Books, 1996).

Title: Professor
Department: Department of History

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