Macy Watts

Macy Watts ('19) is a native of Pamlico County High School in Bayboro, near New Bern, NC. She finished her Secondary History/Social Studies Education, and a minor in Political Science, in May 2019. During her time at App State, Macy served as a site coordinator in Avery County Schools for the ASU Reich College of Education. Over the summer months, she worked  for Camp Don Lee in Arapahoe, NC, as well as at Heartworks - a 21st Century Learning Program for at-risk youth in Bayboro. She was  an active participant in the HEP-sponsored CLIO TALKS series, and even co-presented a poster session with Dr. Sibaja and public history graduate student Abby Williams (MA History 2019) at the 2018 Tech 4 Teach Fair. Their presentation focused on their shared experiences in an Active Learning Classroom (ALC).

In her free time, Macy enjoys reading, cooking, going to the theatre, sailing, and spending time with her family and friends.



Why did you decide to become a History/Social Studies Education major?

Macy Watts: I’ve always been a big history buff (working at Tryon Palace, reading biographies for fun, etc..), and I’ve always had an interest in working with youth. I also had some of the best history/social studies teachers ever when I was in middle and high school, and they inspired me to go into education. So, when you put those things together it sent me in the direction of becoming a major in History/Social Studies Education and it was the best decision I made!


How did the History Dept., and the History Education Program, prepare you for a career in history/social studies education?

MW:  The faculty and staff in the department were so helpful and led by example in how to be a professional educator in the field. The History Dept. and the History/Social Studies Education curriculum really prepares you for the field, with courses  like “Teaching History with New Media (Digital Tools)”, "Introduction to Secondary History Education," and RCOE's “Teaching High School Social Studies.” There are also many options of History courses you get to take within the department.

Macy Watts presents at the 2018 Tech for Teachers Fair

Why does history, and social studies, matter?

MW: History/Social Studies is important because we learn about ourselves as a people and how the world we live in works. We need to know the basics of our history and government in order to grow and to be as educated as possible. History and social studies also teaches people to critically think, make connections, and know the value of compassion and community. This is why history and social studies matter


What would you tell a high school student considering App State and/or majoring in History/Social Studies Education?

MW: Just do it! I know that sounds so simple, but coming to App State and being a History/Social Studies Education major has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It will be challenging and tough sometimes, but the end result and all the good times you’ll have are worth it! I promise!

Macy Watts
Published: Aug 28, 2018 10:51am