Alyson Witte

Job Title:

The Maryland Science Center- Planetarium School Programs Instructor

Historic Ships in Baltimore- Field Educator

Job Description:

Maryland Science Center: I work with school groups who visit the Davis Planetarium to give instructional (and often interactive) programs on different aspects of time and space.  

Historic Ships in Baltimore: I work with all ships within the fleet, interpreting history for visitors. Here, the education team gives tours as well as leads visitors on many different hands on activities. 

Favorite thing about your job:

With both places, I am working with people in an educational setting and that is something that I overall enjoy. My favorite thing about working at the Science Center is how grand the institution is. The day to day operations always run seamlessly. Since they are such a large institution, they know what they are doing and they do it well.  My favorite thing about working at Historic Ships is that it is keeping me active in the public history community in Baltimore. It is a great stepping stone that I know will come in handy in the future. 

Favorite thing about your experience in our MA program:

Each semester we worked with the community in some way. These experiences have enhanced, not only my resume, but more importantly my ability to do more. It is one thing to learn how to create an exhibit, and an entirely different thing to actually create one from scratch. Having both the understanding and the skill set to do museum work has been a great asset at my jobs and during my job search. 

Any advice for future students:

First, you are here for a reason, and the professors would not have accepted you if they did not think you would succeed. Second, this is not a contest so don't feel the need to compare yourself to your fellow cohort members. Third, use and befriend your cohort! You are all going through a lot of the same things and graduate school is not all that easy. Support one another through it all.