Dr. Jason Hauser

Job Title

Visiting Instructor, Auburn University

Book Reviews Editor, Environmental History

Job Description

At Auburn, I teach sections of the school’s Technology and Civilization course. In addition, I also manage the content of the book reviews section of Environmental History.

Favorite thing about your job

The most satisfying part of teaching is introducing scholars outside of the humanities to history. Most students are shocked to learn how applicable the course content is to their broader academic lives and eventual careers. Working with the journal is also fulfilling; it’s great to be able to read cutting-edge environmental scholarship and work with a diverse group of scholars.

Favorite thing about your experience in our MA program

The most rewarding part of my time in the MA program, aside from the coursework, was the mentorship I received. App's professors really invest in the success of their students.

Advice for future students

Don’t forget to make time for yourself! Grad school can be demanding, and one of the most important lessons you’ll learn in the program is effective time management. Make sure, though, to budget some opportunities to relax. Stepping away from your studies will make you a better student.