Faculty Emeriti

Name Areas of Study
George Antone

20th Century, U.S. Business, Labor

Charles B. Blackburn

20th Century U.S., U.S. Diplomatic

Elzabeth B. Bond

Asia, India, U.S. Diplomatic

Lawrence Bond

Medieval and Renaissance Europe

Rennie W. Brantz

19th-20th Century Europe, Modern Germany

Roy Carroll

Early Modern Britain, Religious History

Ruth Currie

19th Century U.S.

Silvia P. Forgus

Russia, Soviet Union

Sheldon Hanft

Tudor-Stuart England and Early Modern Europe

Richard H. Haunton

History of the U.S. South, Civil War and Reconstruction

W. Scott Jessee

Medieval Europe

Winston L. Kinsey

U.S. Agricultural History, Africa

Ruby J. Lanier

U.S. State and Local Government, Social Studies Education

Dorothea A. L. Martin

East Asian Studies, China, Modern Japan

Michael Moore

History of Great Britain


Myra L. Pennell

History/Social Studies Education

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Peter Petschauer

Russia, Germany, 18th Century Europe

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Sheila R. Phipps

United States History, Women's/Gender History, U.S. Colonial and Early Republican History

Donald B. Saunders

19th and 20th Century European and German History

Timothy H. Silver

Environmental History of North America, with emphasis on the South and Southern Appalachia; History of America's National and State Parks; Ethnohistory of Early America