History Club

Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Tony Carey 

It shall be the purpose of the Appalachian State University History Club, as a general interest club, to stimulate interest in history, promote a closer association of students and faculty, and to provide a common meeting ground for all those interested in history.


Every other Thursday at 6 pm in Anne Belk Hall room 233 (Next meeting on Sept. 14)

History Club members at the Renaissance Festival, Nov 2014
History Club members at the Renaissance Festival

Past Activities have included:

  • Annual used book sale
  • Talent Shows
  • Meet the Professors
  • Movie and pizza night
  • Career talks by faculty members
  • Winner of the "Banner for Bonds" Contest sponsored by the Student Government Association and the Chancellor
  • Hosted the Student Curriculum Forum (invited all history majors to fill out anonymous surveys and to discuss the present History Department curriculum)
  • Trips to Atlanta and Williamsburg.