Making an Advising Appointment

The History/Social Studies Education advisor is Jenny Morris, she can be reached at or 829-262-2088.

All students in the College of Arts and Sciences are required to attend an advising appointment each semester. Jenny Morris will be in touch at the beginning of each semester with reminders regarding when and how to make an advising appointment. Use the link below to make an appointment for a quick question or your required advising for the semester. We are currently offering both in-person and virtual options. 


Pre-Advising Google Form - complete prior to your scheduled appointment

History Ed Advising Resources for students 

Course Sequencing Information

Instructions for Creating a Graduation Plan

Registration Support

Helpful Registration Reminders

How to complete a "What if" Scenario in DegreeWorks

How to use the Term GPA Calculator in DegreeWorks

How to waitlist a closed course


Teacher Education Application Resources

James Center Praxis CORE Resources 

Praxis CORE Study Resources (Khan Academy)

Teacher Education Application 

Professional Development FAQ

Example Professional Development Log

Engage FAQs

Student Teaching Information (prerequisites, application, and placements)

Praxis II Information (required for Licensure), also available as a PDF