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Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen and promote innovative history/social studies teaching in North Carolina and beyond. Our goal is to empower our majors for a successful career in 9-12 social studies education by: providing deep content knowledge, emphasizing curricular development and planning, emphasizing the use of digital-new media tools, and encouraging a more global perspective.

Our Work

Our program offers students a variety of professional courses aligned with our mission statement. In addition, our faculty and staff host a series of pre-professional seminar sessions (known as "Clio Talks") and work closely with local-area social studies teachers on various curriculum projects. All of our majors receive support and guidance from the Director, Program Advisor and Associate, and faculty in the Dept. of History -- especially during the capstone semester of clinical internship, or student teaching.

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HEP Faculty & Staff

Assistant Professor
History Education Program Faculty
Ph.D. University of Florida
Anne Belk Hall 234H
(828) 262-6021
History Education Program Advisor & Associate
M.A. Wake Forest University
Anne Belk Hall 214G
(828) 262-2088
Rwany Sibaja
Associate Professor
History Education Program Director
Ph.D. George Mason University
Anne Belk Hall 220
(828) 262-8476

Academic Content Supervisors