Meet Our Team

HEP Faculty and Staff

Meet our History Education Program (HEP) faculty and staff.

Dr. Rwany Sibaja

Rwany Sibaja

Associate Professor
History Education Program Director
Executive Director for Teacher Education Programs, College of Arts & Sciences
Ph.D. George Mason University
Anne Belk Hall 220
(828) 262-8476

Jennifer Morris

Jennifer Morris

History Education Program Advisor & Associate
M.A. Wake Forest University
Anne Belk Hall 214G
(828) 262-2088

Allison Fredette

Allison Fredette

Associate Professor
History Education Program Faculty
Ph.D. University of Florida
Anne Belk Hall 234H
(828) 262-6021

Bradley Phillis

Bradley Phillis

Assistant Professor
History Education Program Faculty
Ph.D. University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Anne Belk Hall TBA
Phone TBA

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen and promote innovative history/social studies teaching in North Carolina and beyond. Our goal is to empower our majors for a successful career in 9-12 social studies education by: providing deep content knowledge, emphasizing curricular development and planning, emphasizing the use of digital-new media tools, and encouraging a more global perspective.

Our Work

Our program offers students a variety of professional courses aligned with our mission statement. In addition, our faculty and staff host a series of pre-professional seminar sessions (known as "Clio Talks") and work closely with local-area social studies teachers on various curriculum projects. All of our majors receive support and guidance from the Director, Program Advisor and Associate, and faculty in the Dept. of History -- especially during the capstone semester of clinical internship, or student teaching.

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Academic Content Supervisors

Academic Content Supervisors observe their assigned student teacher twice a semester in partnership with Reich College of Education Supervisors who observe three times. Supervisors focus on content-specific pedagogy and history/social studies content knowledge within their observations.