Internships in Public History

Graduate students seeking to obtain a degree in Public History from Appalachian State University are required to complete an internship of 6 credit hours, or approximately 240 hours total.

Internships are designed to give Public History graduate students hands-on experience in a number of professional settings: museum management, archives, publications and press, etc. These internships also provide public history students with the opportunity to network with professionals in the field.

Internships in the Public History Department (HIS 5900) are researched and chosen by individual graduate students – they are not assigned. Students are free to choose internships with any institution regardless of the institution's location. Internships may be paid or unpaid and compensation is often determined by the institution that is offering the internship.

How to Register for an Internship

The Internship Data Sheet (DOCX, 18 KB) must be completed and submitted to the faculty supervisor prior to starting the internship.  After the data sheet is completed, we will generate an Internship Contract. You will need to sign the contract, as well as your internship site supervisor and your faculty supervisor.  After all signatures are acquired and processed through the Internship Inventory, you will be automatically registered for the internship. Please allow enough time prior to the start of the semester for all paperwork to be processed. 

There is helpful information on finding and securing internships at the University's Internships pages.

Sample Internship Sites

Where We've Interned

See the "Where We've Interned" page for a few profiles detailing our students' experiences and their tips for future interns. And see the "Past Graduate Internships" for a list of all internships from all history graduate students.