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Beyond the classroom

Beyond App State: Internships

Beyond Boone: International Student Teaching, NCCSS conference, NCSS conference



Beyond the classroom

CLIO TALKS are "pre-professional” seminar sessions led by HEP Faculty, other faculty in the Department of History, and invited guests from App State and beyond. Each session runs no more than 1 hour and focuses on a relevant topic in teaching history/social studies in the classroom.

In recent years, CLIO TALKS sessions have covered topics such as: infusing Africana Studies throughout the World and American History curriculum, de-Westernizing the Age of Exploration, how to address political history during election season, and making the best use of WWII materials and resources online. Each year, we also invite recent graduates of our program to share their stories as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-year teachers in local middle schools and high schools. This special "Let Me Tell You What It's Really Like" session also includes our current student teachers interning in nearby schools.

We host 2-3 CLIO TALKS per semester. Although they are mostly geared towards History/Social Studies Education majors, they are open to any student interested in the teaching and learning of history and social studies.

History/Social Studies Education majors are also encouraged to plug in with The History Club, attend seminars hosted by the RCOE James Center, and even consider submitting research papers to History Matters - a web-based, undergraduate journal of historical research published annually by the department of history at Appalachian State University.


Beyond App State: Internships

All History/Social Studies Education majors will have several opportunities to leave campus, and visit local schools, throughout their studies at App State. Three courses in the Professional Education Core - SPE 3300, PSY 3010, and CI 3100 - all have internship components. Students in these courses will complete a specific number of hours at local schools and observe veteran teachers in action, and even lead a few activities and/or lessons.

CI 3100 is the High School Social Studies Methods course. As a result, it involves the most detailed internship and coordination with a cooperating social studies teacher from a nearby school. Students travel to Watauga, Ashe, Avery, Caldwell, or Wilkes County (or as directed by the CI 3100 professor). They design and teach 1-2 lessons and complete 45 hours of internship.


Beyond Boone: International Student Teaching, NCCSS conference, and other enrichment opportunities

Our majors have taken full advantage of the many opportunities available to help them succeed as future educators. Each spring semester, several students participate in international student teaching, which includes completing all requirements at a NC high school in 10 weeks, followed by a 5-week placement with a school overseas. In recent years, our majors have traveled to South Africa, England, and Germany. To become an international student teacher, you must complete an application (with references) - informational meetings take place at RCOE in early September, prior to your spring student teaching semester.

History/Social Studies Education majors have also traveled to Greensboro each year to attend the NC Council for Social Studies annual conference. The conference takes place in February/March and lasts two days, with over 100 sessions across 10 time slots. [A photo of our last group is currently on the NCCSS homepage!]

Beyond international student teaching and NCCSS, majors are encouraged to consider other travel abroad opportunities with summer courses led by History faculty, 1-week overseas enrichment opportunities over fall or spring break, and to attend other history/social studies conferences. If you are interested, contact us at historyeducation@appstate.edu for more information.

Header Image - left to right: Carly Pugh ('17) exploring Paris during international student teaching, (top middle) the trio of Zach Brinkman-Meghan Andreoli-Troy Colvard ('16) at the Berlin Wall, (bottom middle) HIS 3626 students and student teachers at the 2018 NC Council for Social Studies conference, and General U.S. Grant (Dr. Curt Fields) speaking to local students as part of a HEP-sponsored visit to Boone.