Faculty Profiles

Name, Position and Education Contact Information
Ralph E. Lentz II
Senior Lecturer
M.A. Appalachian State University
(828) 262-8026
Anne Belk Hall 214D
Paul Maney
Adjunct Instructor
MA, MASS Appalachian State University
(828) 262-8030
Anne Belk Hall 249G
Layne McDaniel
Ph.D. Emory University
(828) 262-6020
Anne Belk Hall 234B
Jennifer Morris
History Education Program Advisor & Associate
M.A. Wake Forest University
(828) 262-2088
Anne Belk Hall 214G
Jewel Parker
Adjunct Lecturer
MA History, Appalachian State University
(828) 262-6006
Anne Belk 234G
Elizabeth Perego
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.Ohio State University
(828) 262-6003
Anne Belk Hall 249U
Raja M. Rahim
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Florida
(828) 262-6024
Anne Belk Hall 234L
Scott Relyea 李皓同
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Chicago
(828) 262-7066
Anne Belk Hall 249S
Rwany Sibaja
Associate Professor
History Education Program Director
Ph.D. George Mason University
(828) 262-8476
Anne Belk Hall 220
Timothy H. Silver
Ph.D. College of William and Mary
(828) 262-6024
Anne Belk Hall 249M
Neva J. Specht
Vice Provost for Faculty Policies and Development
Ph.D. University of Delaware
I.G. Greer
Bruce E. Stewart
Full Professor
Ph.D. University of Georgia
(828) 262-7325
Anne Belk Hall 234-K
Christopher Stone
Ph.D. Indiana University
(828) 262-3117
Anne Belk Hall 249X
Carrie Streeter
Adjunct Instructor
C.Phil., University of California, San Diego
(828) 262-6011
Anne Belk Hall 249T
Catherine Turner
MA University of Rochester
(828) 262-6876
Anne Belk Hall 234C
Michael J. Turner
Roy Carroll Distinguished Professor of British History
D.Phil. University of Oxford
(828) 262-8102
Anne Belk Hall 214A/214B
Mary Valante
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University
(828) 262-4983
Anne Belk Hall 249F
Jason White
Assistant Department Chair
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Brown University
(828) 262-6017
Anne Belk Hall 249M